Clinical Anatomy (Harold Ellis, Vishy Mahadevan)

Experience of teaching clinical students at three medical schools has convinced me that there is still an unfortunate hiatus between the anatomy which the student learns in his pre-clinical years and that which he later encounters in the wards and operating theatres.

This book attempts to bridge this gap. It does so by high-lighting those features of anatomy which are of clinical importance, in medicine and midwifery as well as in surgery. It presents the facts which a student might reasonably be expected to carry with him during his years on the wards, through final examinations and into his post-graduate years; it is designed for the clinical student.

Anatomy is a vast subject and therefore, in order to achieve this goal, I have deliberately carried out a rigorous selection of material so as to cover only those of its thousands of facts which I consider form the necessary anatomical scaffolding for the clinician. Wherever possible practical applications are indicated throughout the text - they cannot, within the limitations of a book of this size, be exhaustive, but I hope that they will act as signposts to the student and indicate how many clinical phenomena can be understood and remembered on simple anatomical grounds.